Using The UpGiv Dashboard

The Chesed Fund dashboard allows you a convenient place to manage every aspect of your crowdfunding campaigns. Here is a list of options that are available to you in the right hand menu of the dashboard.


This is the main page of your dashboard, allowing you to view a list of all your campaigns. Here you can edit a campaign, turn it on or off, and view stats about the performance of individual campaigns.


The donations page allows you to see a list off all the donations that have been made to your account from all campaigns. You can sort the list by date, name, the specific cause the donation came from, or the donation amount.

This is the page you’d come to if you wanted to export a list of all your donations into your accounting software. Clicking on an individual donation allows you to take further action, like changing the name, making it anonymous, resending receipts, and refunding the donation.


This page shows you a list of all the donors who have contributed to any of your causes. This would be where you went to export your donors to a CRM or email list. Clicking on an individual donor’s name allows you to see all the donations they’ve ever made to you. This makes it easy to see who your best donors are based off total donation amounts or frequency of donations.


The subscriptions page allows you to see a list of all the subscriptions you have on your site. It makes it easy for you to see the monthly donation amount as well as the total amount can expect to receive. It is here that you’d go if you needed to cancel a subscription for a donor.


This is where you’d manage your account-level settings. Things like your organization info, your personal info, your logo, and links to your other accounts get defined here.

In addition, it is from here that you’ll set up your merchant account settings when you first create an organization account on The Chesed Fund. Finally, you can use the settings page to send invites to additional account managers who will be able to access your account and manage your campaigns for you.

Using The UpGiv Dashboard

Using The UpGiv Dashboard

Using The UpGiv Dashboard

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Using The UpGiv Dashboard